158% of MODEX Attendees Looking for viastore-Provided Automated Solutions

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Folks who work in manufacturing, logistics and distribution will be flocking to MODEX 2016—April 4-7, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta—and not just because it’s “the greatest supply chain show on earth.” Rather, they’re looking specifically for the latest operations ideas and equipment to help solve their toughest material handling challenges and learn from others’ best practices to boost their own competitive edge.

modex125x125Topping the interest lists of MODEX attendees (as seen in the above graphic, courtesy of MHI) are three different types of solutions that, coincidentally, viastore systems will be showcasing in our exhibit:

This ‘new’ math means that at least 158% of MODEX attendees will be at the show looking for solutions that viastore provides. In addition to showcasing these technologies in our booth, our warehouse planning specialists and software integration experts will be on hand to discuss projects and answer questions.

You can attend MODEX courtesy of viastore, but if you can’t wait until April to get insights into the latest automation, software, conveyor and sortation solutions, below is a quick recap of some of our latest blog posts on each topic:

Material Handling Automation

High-Density Storage: Automated Warehouse Systems Deliver Flexibility, Savings – Learn how—with a little upfront planning—you can maximize the amount of inventory within the four walls of your building while maintaining the ability to adapt to business changes in the future.

Automated Pallet Storage Offers Range of Operational Benefits – Gain insights into the latest ways crane-based AS/RS pallet handling is being used to support goods-to-person picking and increasing throughput in a variety of manufacturing and distribution operations.

Steps into Goods-to-Person Order Picking Systems – In conventional warehouses, just 40% of a picker’s time is spent actually picking. The rest? Travel. This piece explains the four scalable levels of goods-to-person picking automation whose implementation can enhance revenue-generating picking productivity.

Dynamic Slotting, Automated Replenishment of Pick Modules Boost Throughput – Learn how fast and flexible dynamic slotting modules optimize the movement of slow- and medium-velocity stock keeping units (SKUs) to stock forward pick modules on-the-fly.

Supply Chain Software

Nine Reasons Manufacturers Should Invest In (or change) a WMW/WCS Part 1 and Part 2 – Discover why technology limitations or strategic initiatives might prompt an investment in software for better tracking and control of inventory and its movement, as well as how the software can enhance process optimization.

18 Questions Manufacturers Should Ask When Selecting WMS/WCS Software – Trying to decide which warehouse software is best for your operation? Here’s a checklist of questions to consider as you navigate the selection process.

20 Questions Manufacturers Should Ask When Selecting a WMS/WCS Integrator – Before you sign that contract, carefully evaluate software suppliers and/or integrators to be sure you have the partner that can best support your business operations and technical needs.

Conveyors and Sortation

High-Speed Sortation Meets E-Commerce Demands – Learn how to handle higher volumes of one- and two-line orders at higher throughputs with the right high-speed sortation technology, and how to pick the right handling action for your operation.

The Value of Being an Integration Partner – Don’t be deterred by the term “integration partner” when specifying a complete warehouse automation system, including conveyor. Just because your integrator doesn’t necessarily manufacture every piece of equipment being installed doesn’t mean your installation isn’t completely supported, end-to-end.

Seven Things to Consider When Installing Conveyor in Your Cooler or Freezer – Get workers out of the cold and install conveyor with special features that reliably handle transport of products into and out of cold temperature environments.

Ready to speak with a viastore expert now, or want to set up an in-booth meeting at MODEX? Call us at 616.977.3950 to discuss your supply chain and automated material handling projects.

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Prior to viastore, he has held marketing management positions at TGW Systems and Dematic, both global material handling automation companies.


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