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A three-year payback on an automation installation?

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? That an automation installation could pay for itself in just 36 months—or sooner?

But it’s true. Depending on the level of automated system installed and the specific circumstances surrounding an operation’s current mode of operation, an investment in automated material handling systems and technologies could very well produce a three-year return on investment (ROI). [Read more…]

Seven Things to Consider when Installing Conveyor in your Cooler or Freezer

Life is full of so many things to ‘keep in mind’ or ‘remember to do’. When considering installing conveyor in a refrigerated or frozen environment, it’s no different. Beyond just selecting the right conveyor product solution for your needs, when considering automation for your cooler or freezer environment there are many special considerations you need to take into account in order to ensure optimal performance of your automated system.

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System Buyers Rank Top 7 Most Important Characteristics of Material Handling Solution Providers (Infographic)

In the spring, viastore systems partnered with Modern Materials Handling to conduct a survey investigating how organizations evaluate and select material handling system providers and their solutions. The resulting report, “Material Handling System Choices: Priorities, Approaches and Selection Processes of Decision-Makers”, was released in June. It shares insights into the processes used by managers at warehouses and distribution centers (DCs) as they as they seek out the equipment and services that will help them met their operational goals.

The 306 survey respondents work in manufacturing, wholesale and retail, warehousing and distribution services, with consulting services, or third-party solutions providers. Their job functions included executive management (18%), operations (16%), engineering (22%), warehouse management (10%), purchasing (9%), plant management (7%), and sales (13%).

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Give Your Old Automation Equipment New Life

service_MG_49657 Key Things to look for when evaluating your older conveyor or automated storage and retrieval system to see if it still has some life left in it

Is replacing your current material automation solution the only option you have? If only there was a way where you could keep your older equipment, but have it work better (and more reliably).

There are companies that have an automated material handling system that is getting a bit old (maybe even 20-30 years old). These systems may have been kept going over the years with good maintenance and replacement of parts as needed. The problem is that this system may be seeing a need for an update.  If you’ve talked to suppliers of new material handling systems, they probably suggested tearing it out and replacing it with new equipment.  While that may be the optimum solution, for a variety of reasons (budget, avoidance of downtime, etc.), that won’t be YOUR solution.

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The Waveless Warehouse: Why Wave Picking Might Not Be the Best for Your Distribution Center

2014_viastore_Reportage_WIKA_Bild12We adopt new technology because it presents a better way of getting things done. The horse and buggy gave way to the car because of speed and convenience. The smart phone eclipsed feature phones because consumers could have richer apps and a connected experience.

Similarly in business, new technology must bring tangible benefits to really catch on. A new buzzword won’t cut it without bottom line benefits, especially in the cost conscious world of logistics.

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