An Incremental Approach to Automation for 3PL Cold (or any type of) Storage

Last week at the IARW Conference in Orlando, viastore’s Bill Ostermeyer partnered with David Sturver, from viastore customer Americold to speak about automation and cold storage 3PLs. The presentation, ‘What level of automation makes sense for a 3PL – an incremental approach’, was well-attended, with about 125 attendees. The topic of an incrementation approach to automation isn’t just for cold storage 3PLs, but really is applicable to many companies.

One thing they touched on was that there are many misconceptions when it comes to automation, including that it is as an ‘all or nothing’ endeavor. By defining the levels of automation and a path forward, including a plan for automation for your operation, as well as addressing the flexibility and scalability of automation for growth and business change, the presentation resonated with attendees.

You can download a copy of the presentation here.



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