Experienced Integrators Help Get the Most Out of Your SAP EWM or WM Implementation


More and more operations are choosing to implement SAP Supply Chain Execution (SCE) Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) or SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Warehouse Management (WM) in their conventional and/or automated warehouses. Depending on the application and the selected SAP solution, however, there may be some limitations within the software.

These confines occur when the pre-configured SAP modules do not match the dialogs required by your current (or future) processes. Primarily, they fall into the realms of:

  • User interfaces that aren’t as streamlined as they could be, or
  • Optimizations needed to meet specialized process flows.

So how can an operation ensure that the chosen SAP EWM or WM solution is implemented in such a way that minimizes disruption to a current workflow? By partnering with an intralogistics solutions supplier who has extensive expertise in configuring deployments that match an operation’s needs, while leveraging industry-specific best practices.

An experienced SAP integration / implementation partner with a specific focus on supply chain can help determine the potential shortfalls during the blueprint stage (or later, if necessary). This foresight ensures that more simplified user interface dialogs are created instead, minimizing the impact to the future upgrade path, or—better yet—not affecting it at all.

Further, a partner who brings experience in both supply chain business processes and automated material handling applications can effectively leverage your internal team’s inherent process and operational knowledge. By incorporating insider input when streamlining operational flows within the deployment’s configuration, the provider ensures that your organization gains the best value and gets the most out of your new EWM solution (or extends the life of your SAP WM).

Also, SCE-focused partners should bring a cross section of industry expertise to your project. The best providers share ideas about proven deployment and configuration approaches from outside your industry that can enhance your operations.

Finally, an experienced SAP integration / implementation partner can offer not only standardized solutions across your facilities, but also customization of each site’s SAP solution. This ability to match the required process flows unique to each location’s (or business unit’s) needs is crucial for a successful deployment.

So how do you evaluate potential suppliers? With a thorough review of a variety of factors; among them:

  • Their level and breadth of expertise in deploying SAP EWM and WM solutions in supply chain and automation applications.
  • Their experience in connecting different material flow technologies to standard SAP solutions (without third-party middleware).
  • Their capability to understand your business and its operations.
  • Their degree of experience with your application-critical requirements.
  • Their ability to test proposed operational processes via scripted demos.
  • Their testing approach and methodologies.
  • Their reputation.

By selecting the right SAP integration / implementation partner, you’ll be sure that your new EWM or WM deployment provides the custom-tailored solution that delivers value to your business.

Want to learn more about how to maximize your SAP EWM or WM integration? Read our recently published whitepaper: “Deploying SAP EWM or WM in your conventional or automated warehouse? Here’s how to get the most out of your integration.” Or, give us a call at 616.977.3950.

About Nancy Malone

Nancy is responsible for US software sales & IT consulting at the North American headquarters of viastore systems in Grand Rapids, MI. She has over 20 years of experience in specifying, designing, building, implementation, training, sales and marketing of technology solutions for the Supply Chain. Her focus is on helping customer’s apply technology to streamline their business processes, enabling value added solutions through listening, offering solutions and then delivering.

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