Give Your Old Automation Equipment New Life

service_MG_49657 Key Things to look for when evaluating your older conveyor or automated storage and retrieval system to see if it still has some life left in it

Is replacing your current material automation solution the only option you have? If only there was a way where you could keep your older equipment, but have it work better (and more reliably).

There are companies that have an automated material handling system that is getting a bit old (maybe even 20-30 years old). These systems may have been kept going over the years with good maintenance and replacement of parts as needed. The problem is that this system may be seeing a need for an update.  If you’ve talked to suppliers of new material handling systems, they probably suggested tearing it out and replacing it with new equipment.  While that may be the optimum solution, for a variety of reasons (budget, avoidance of downtime, etc.), that won’t be YOUR solution.

viastore has experience implementing new software and PLCs that utilize your existing material handling system hardware with minimal upgrades.  We’re able to do so with minimal interruptions to your operation and give you state of the art software and controls with diagnostics and HMI visualization that runs your existing hardware solution.  We can phase it in and upgrade on a fixed price basis.

If these 7 things are your ‘world’, maybe an upgrade and not replacement should be in your future.

  1. High Maintenance Costs related to time spent in house supporting your system
  2. PLCs/Computers that aren’t supported by manufacturers
  3. Software that is antiquated and has limited ability to be supported, especially if you don’t have the source code
  4. Limited availability and knowledge of the current/older system
  5. Hardware Replacement Components/Parts are no longer available
  6. Lack of visualization to see how your system is performing or quickly identify faults
  7. Lack of good documentation


Modernization-WPviastore has written a whitepaper on modernization. Click on the image or here to download it.


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