viastore 2016 Survey on Material Handling System Choices-compare yourself to others

Everybody wants to know how they stack up. Are you as fast as the other guy? Do you work harder than a coworker? (Of course the answer to both is ‘yes’.) When it comes to material handling, and comparing what your company is doing compared to others and knowing how your company stacks up to the rest of the industry is important as well.

For the 2nd year in a row, viastore is compiling annual information on the key issues facing industry executives today. This anonymous survey allows you to compare your company and how you go about making the decisions you make in regards to material handling automation compared to others.

For example, in last year’s survey, we found that 88% of respondents said they wanted their supply chain project to deliver within budget, the leading reason (and no real big surprise there). Click on the infographic to see what the other top-ranking responses were. What WAS interesting was that when it came to who was best-suited to design a material handling system, 63% of respondents felt it should be an outside resource. To see the complete results from last year, you can download the 2015 survey results whitepaper.

What will the numbers be like this year? We won’t know unless you participate. We value your opinion and hope you’ll take just a few minutes to participate in this annual survey. [Read more…]