The Value of Being an Integration Partner

When you’re shopping for an investment, you’re shopping for value. Paying for what you might perceive to be a ‘middleman’ is not something you want to do. That’s why the concept of viastore being an Integration Partner (IP) for a company like Hytrol can come across as confusing…until you know all the details.

viastore supplies automation solutions that often include product that we don’t manufacture. When it comes to the conveyor portion of a solution, depending on the requirements, size and scope of the solution, we might utilize a combination of our equipment and also conveyor solutions from our partner Hytrol.

In the case of working with Hytrol, viastore is not a ‘middleman’, but more so the actual salesperson as Hytrol has sold exclusively through integration partners (IPs) for over 65 years. This process of using integration partners like viastore as the sales force was a founding concept of Hytrol, and that concept remains strong today.

What makes the viastore/Hytrol Integration Partner relationship unique?
As an integration partner, viastore provides:

  • Value. Because Hytrol sells only through integrators, there is no ‘middleman’ overhead of a sales force in its prices. viastore designs and puts the system together, letting Hytrol do what it does best: manufacture conveyor. Hytrol’s Lean Manufacturing principles help to create conveyor in the most efficient manner possible at the best value to the customer. This means when you work with viastore and use Hytrol product, you aren’t paying for a sales force and you aren’t paying for any inefficiencies.
  • Knowledge. an integrator like viastore has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the industries we focus on. We’ve put in hundreds of systems and solutions, from simple gravity sections to multi-million dollar fully automated investments. Our goal is to bring value to the process from start to finish. You probably wouldn’t take football lessons from someone in the NBA, and you shouldn’t buy a conveyor for your industry from someone focusing on another. By focusing on particular markets, an IP becomes an expert and can offer the best solutions available.
  • An impartial solution. We work to design the best solution for your needs, which may mean Hytrol equipment here or maybe viastore or another company’s equipment there. We bring a level of impartiality as we are looking for the best solution with the right equipment that will bring you the most value for your dollar.

What can I get from a Hytrol IP like viastore?
An integrator’s primary responsibility is to provide a solution comprised of the best products available. To put it simply, viastore will choose specific equipment at the best prices possible to offer the best solution. This is known as a best of breed solution.

And it isn’t just about equipment. viastore provides assistance from beginning to end, like:

  • Consultation
  • Layout
  • Design assistance
  • Installation
  • Software
  • Field training and on-site training (direct or through Hytrol)
  • After-sale support

If needed, factory support is also available to the customer at any time, which is unique to the Hytrol solution. The result? Hytrol provides innovative equipment that viastore can install easily, maintain efficiently, and ship quickly. After installation, viastore provides support and much-needed local presence for the customer.

Hytrol is a leading manufacturer in conveyor and automated solutions. Integration partners like viastore are better than anyone else at completing those solutions for end users. When you want a complete solution from point A to point Z, it’s a no-brainer to use the best experts around.

To learn more about the viastore/Hytrol IP relationship, check out this brochure.

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