What Warehouse Execution Can Do for Your Supply Chain

Over the years, as new software tools came out that would automate your distribution environment, each touted that they would optimize their respective space. The problem is that while the solution DID optimize it’s ‘world’ (i.e. the warehouse operation), it would sub-optimize the areas that worked with the warehouse (i.e. transportation or TMS). Each of these solutions created ‘islands’ of automation throughout a company’s supply chain.

Another issue for these disparate systems is that they operated on a batch mentality, meaning that orders and work were planned in advance, and then the work was done. If something changed during the course of the work, the plan (the batch) was not adjusted for re-optimization of work.

In today’s new world of Omni-Channel distribution, this can’t continue. The solution for true overall facility optimization, is the Warehouse Execution System (WES).

WES comes from a combination of the Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionality merging into a single or tightly integrated solution.

From a recent SupplyChjain247 article, according to Steve Banker, a senior director and analyst with ARC Advisory Group, the goal of WES is to create a real or at least near-real-time view of all operations in order to make more intelligent, optimized DC operations. “The idea would be to optimize based on what is happening with order priorities as well as synchronizing all the different materials handling systems,” Banker says.

This real time interaction between systems will allow for moving beyond Batch picking into Waveless Picking (learn more about waveless picking here).

Warehouse Execution is here. Learn how to fully optimize your systems by downloading this whitepaper from viastore: Optimizing your Fulfillment Operations with Intelligent Warehouse Execution Software.

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